For over 15 years, ASIC Corporation has been an industry leader in control panel design and assembly.  Whether your application calls for comprehensive control panel engineering, planning, and assembly, or just build-to-print panels using specified components, ASIC’s Certified panel department has the experience and expertise to deliver cost-effective solutions in a time that fits within your project schedule.

ASIC Corporation is able to handle electrical control panel projects of any size, voltage, and quantity.  We have long standing relationships with all industry-leading component manufacturers, and our customers enjoy the resulting negotiated and bulk order pricing.  Whether your needs call for one or two control panels a year or dozens per month, ASIC Corporation control panel experts will complete your orders within budget and on time.

UL 508A Control Panels

UL 698A and NNNY Control Panels for Hazardous Location

Field Installation and Startup

ASIC control installation technicians have many years of experience installing new system controls, or integrating or retrofitting upgrade controls for existing equipment.  We’ve worked with many different industries: automotive, food and beverage, material handling, metals, printing, HVAC, chemical and many others.

From concept to startup, rest assured that your control panel projects will be in good hands at ASIC Corporation.  Call today or click here to schedule a time to visit and tour our 15,000 Sq Ft facility.  We look forward to building a partnership with you and your company!