…the job entailed replacing (2) older AC Motors with new Servo Drive Control & Motors with hopes of increasing cycle time, obtaining a more reliable operation, and gaining increased control over motor characteristics such as speed, position, & accel/decel times.  ASIC staff was there for the initial planning, start-up, and debugging of the machine, sometimes until 12 midnight with no thought of leaving until I was satisfied with the progress.  The retrofit was a success and the ASIC Team was hard working, responsible, dependable, and no question that their familiarity of the hardware & software was more than sufficient.  I will gladly use their services again for future applications.  Thank you!
-Ford Motor Company

…it is very refreshing to not have to beg a control vendor for drawings.  Drawings always seem to be a low priority for panel vendors and something they do because they have to.  For us, drawings are critical because we do not want to offer parts for panels; therefore, we need to provide the customer the information so they can source their own replacement components.  Also, due to the variety of controls we offer, a record of what we built and shipped is absolutely necessary.
The drawings you have completed have been outstanding and since you are now using our borders, they come into our system seamlessly.  This is one of the big issues we have had in the past with other control panel vendors.  Hands down, ASIC is the best panel vendor we have ever had!  Jeff has set up a fine organization and has a group of true professionals working for him.  By the way, you are not just making pretty pictures; the panels are as professional looking as the drawings.  As we discussed Friday, we have just completed changing the vendor information for all of our electrical controls over to ASIC.  We have been so busy ordering controls I had not had a chance to tell you what a good job you are doing.
Thanks again and I look forward to working with ASIC on our future controls needs.
-Valued Customer