Winder Controls

Many customers still have DC motors that have been maintained and are in great condition. Utilizing low Base Speed Motors with large field ranges (ex. 500 RPM Base speed to 2000 RPM Field Weakened) and large HP (Ex. 800HP) thus the motors become a large content of the overall cost of the Drive System. Therefore, customers want to continue to use their DC Motors. If the application did not have the large field range thus retrofitting the DC Drive System to an AC Drive System may be the correct action and should be explored.

The large Drives produce high current and the customer wanted Bus bar for the connection of the Armature A1 and A2 along with Semiconductor fuses. ASIC Corporation engineered and built the Bus bar along with Plexiglass covers     (For Safety). There are standoffs to the right of the Bus bar that are used to hold the Plexiglass covers.

The customer came to ASIC for a Complete Winder Drive System test where our technician and Electrical Control Engineers had similar motors with feedback wired to each of the drives so that the software in the ABB drives could be tested to assure the customer’s specification was met.