Exlar FT-Series Linear Actuator

Exlar FT-Series Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator Flying Cut-Off Application Description

An Ohio based steel coil processing company approached ASIC Corporation to help them solve a problem for increased throughput, productivity and quality on one of their in-house Cut-To-Length lines. The Flying Cutoff Shear Bed was being driven by a single hydraulic cylinder, servo valve/amplifier package and rack-based motion control system to control the position and velocity of the shear bed, synchronized to the main line speed.

One of the customer’s objectives was to replace the hydraulic cylinder and associated control components, with an electro-mechanical servo solution. ASIC Corporation assisted them in the concept, engineering and selection process to develop the best working solution within the budget and time frame set forth.


ASIC, along with their technology partners, Exlar Corporation and Emerson/Control Techniques, proposed a solution utilizing state of the art components to encompass the new electromechanical control and actuation system. Two (2) Exlar brand FT35 Roller Screw Linear Actuators, driven via Emerson rotary servo motors, comprised the solution for replacing the hydraulic cylinder translating the Shear Bed. The brushless servo motors were controlled via an Emerson MDS modular servo drive system, accepting traditional analog position/torque command signals from the standalone motion controller.

Due to the speed and thrust requirements, not only in replacing the high force hydraulic cylinder, but also to increase speed and throughput capacity, the load is shared between the two Exlar servo actuators and synchronized together with a tight 1:1 ratio, by the customer’s motion controller. The motion controller was then in turn connected to the existing customer PLC via Ethernet and synchronized to the main line speed, operating in a tradition Flying Cutoff mode.

The new system resulted in a cleaner working solution, eliminating the high maintenance cost of the hydraulic system, increasing the line production rate and improving the product quality.

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