PLC + HMIFlow Test Loop, PLC /HMI

A representative from Richards Industries approached ASIC with a request to build controls for their proprietary flow test loop. Richards Industries is a leading provider of a variety of industrial valves for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Other sectors include paper products, tire and rubber, machinery and electrical equipment, transportation equipment and energy industries. Their flow test loop is designed to test control valves and regulators to determine flow capacities and product characteristics under a range of operating conditions using water as the operating fluid.…read more.


Exlar FT-Series Linear Actuator

Electric Actuator Flying Cut-Off Application

An Ohio based steel coil processing company approached ASIC Corporation to help them solve a problem for increased throughput, productivity and quality on one of their in-house Cut-To-Length lines. The Flying Cutoff Shear Bed was being driven by a single hydraulic cylinder, servo valve/amplifier package and rack-based motion control system to control the position and velocity of the shear bed, synchronized to the main line speed….read more.

Winder Controls Application Winder Controls

Many customers still have DC motors that have been maintained and are in great condition. Utilizing low Base Speed Motors with large field ranges (ex. 500 RPM Base speed to 2000 RPM Field Weakened) and large HP (Ex. 800HP) thus the motors become a large content of the overall cost of the Drive System. Therefore, customers … more.



Dust Collection Controls

Dust Collection Controls

Dust Collection Controls

A Cincinnati, Ohio customer approached ASIC Corporation with the need for variable frequency drives for blower motors integrated with dust collection systems.  ASIC electrical control engineers designed and assembled controls using Emerson (Control Techniques) Commander SK AC motor drives.   We also used Dwyer differential pressure controllers to monitor air velocity throughout the dust collection systems.  Utilizing feedback from the Drwyer transducers, we programmed the Commander SK PID controller to maintain constant air velocity at a predetermined set volume.  The first 6 systems have been installed and are working great.